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Patty Martin

Life Coach Sherpa specialist in:
Grief, Self-esteem, Anxiety, Divorce, Inner Child.

My name is Patty Martin, I am a Life Coach specialized in grief, divorce, self-esteem, and anxiety. My mission is to provide others with the right tools to overcome difficult times in their lives, such as the ones I have experienced myself. I believe I was brought into this world to share my perfectly imperfect life and the struggles I have been through to help others alleviate their pain. To let them know that they are not alone, and help ease their pain. I know how hard it is to go through rough times in life, but I also know how much it helps to have someone walk you through them.

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Tapping sessions, Affirmations and decrees, Healing writing exercises, "Ask and it is given" exercises, "The Model" of Coaching, Radical Forgiveness, Energy Work, Enneagram of Personalities, Guided Meditations.
"Self-love is an act of power, a way of life, a call to action. Love yourself and take action to live to the fullest."
Patty Martin

Stop existing! I invite you to live and not only live but live in abundance. The life you have been created to live. It is time to say enough to limiting believes. I will guide you to discover all that you are capable of achieving

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Sherpa - coaching certification

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I challenge you to once and for all and go from existing to actually living and enjoying life. Don’t be ashamed to share your worries with me, I can assure you that will not be judged. I am here to help you.

Price: $235 USD
Duration: 60 min
Payment method: Stripe or PayPal.

*** You can make your payment after scheduling your first session.

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